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Long stay special! Save up to 25%

Take advantage of our unbeatable rates on all buy-back models!

Are you travelling through Europe for several months?

We offer you the best transport solution that fits your needs!

  • A brand new car, tax-free;
  • Premium all-inclusive service with no deductible;
  • Dedicated teams who make every effort to be sure that you enjoy your trip in Europe.
Travel with us is to take advantage of all the benefits of the buy-back formula: brand new car, unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance without deductible covering 40 countries throughout Europe and 24/7 assistance.

Save big!



Dacia Sandero Stepway Diesel Manual GPS Western Europe: From CAD$2406 for 90 days - Save CAD$1135 or more
NEW VERSION - Renault Clio Diesel Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$2718 for 90 days - Save CAD$1233 or more 

Sport Economy 

NEW VERSION - Renault Clio RS Line Gasoline Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$2860 for 90 days - Save CAD$1279 or more


Renault Mégane Berline Gasoline Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$3069 for 90 days - Save CAD$1012 or more

Sport Compact

Renault Mégane Berline GT Line Gasoline Automatic GPS Europe: From CAD$3492 for 90 days - Save CAD$1151 or more

Compact Station Wagon

Renault Mégane Estate Gasoline Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$3210 for 90 days - Save CAD$1058 or more

VUS Compact 

NEW VERSION - Renault Captur 100cv Gasoline Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$2896 for 90 days - Save CAD$1017 or more


Dacia Dokker Stepway Blue Diesel Manual GPS Western Europe: From CAD$2901 for 90 days - Save CAD$957 or more

Renault Kangoo Diesel Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$2888 for 90 days - Save CAD$1286 or more


Family SUV 

Dacia Duster 4X2 Gasoline Manual GPS Western Europe: From CAD$2733 for 90 days - Save CAD$901 or more 
Renault Kadjar Diesel Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$3306 for 90 days - Save CAD$1420 or more

Dacia Duster 4X4 Blue Diesel Manual GPS Western Europe: From CAD$3156 for 90 days - Save CAD$1041 or more 


Family Minivan

Renault Scénic Blue Diesel Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$3342 for 90 days - Save CAD$1431 or more

Large Family Minivan 5/7 seats

Renault Grand Scénic Blue Diesel Manual GPS Europe: From CAD$3654 for 90 days - Save CAD$1529 or more

Renault Espace Initiale Paris Blue Diesel Automatic GPS Europe: From CAD$4974 for 90 days - Save CAD$1945 or more


Family 7 seats

Dacia Lodgy Stepway Blue Diesel Manual GPS Western Europe: From CAD$3183 for 90 days - Save CAD$1050 or more 


Renault Talisman Blue Initiale Paris Diesel Automatic GPS Europe: From CAD$4377 for 90 days - Save CAD$1757 or more 

Luxury Station Wagon

Renault Talisman Estate Blue Initiale Paris Diesel Automatic GPS Europe: From CAD$4519 for 90 days - Save CAD$1802 or more 

Validity: Booking from October 9, 2020  for delivery until January 31, 2021. The discount is already deducted from our online rates for duration of 90 days or more.
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