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Crit'Air sticker

The Crit'Air sticker, also known as the air quality certificate, is a self-adhesive sticker to stick on the vehicle, which indicates its environmental class according to its emissions of atmospheric pollutants. Its mission is to regulate traffic in certain major cities. It is mandatory in many French areas and during pollution peaks. This classification is done taking into account the date of first registration (Euro standard) and the engine.

Although not all Renault buy-back vehicles are concerned by the possible bans in case of pollution notification in certain major cities in France, the Crit ' Air sticker must nevertheless be bought by the owner of the car, the signatory of the TT Eurodrive order form.

The vehicles are divided into 6 environmental classes, except for the most polluting vehicles that are not entitled to have a sticker:

  • Crit'Air 0: hydrogen and 100% electric vehicles;
  • Crit'Air 1: gas vehicles, plug-in hybrids and gasoline Euro 5 and 6;
  • Crit'Air 2: Euro 4 petrol, Euro 5 and 6 diesel;
  • Crit'Air 3: Euro 2 and Euro 3 petrol, Euro 4 diesel;
  • Crit'Air 4: Euro 3 diesel;
  • Crit'Air 5: Euro 2 diesel.

Concerning the Renault brand new cars, you must choose the Class 1 sticker for Gasoline models and for the Diesel models you must opt for the class 2 sticker.

The cities concerned

The Crit'Air sticker is mandatory, at all times, to travel in Restricted Traffic Zones (ZCR). It is also temporarily in the cities setting up a traffic plan differentiated during peak pollution. In both situations, drivers without a Crit'Air patch are not allowed to drive.

Several cities are already concerned, among others: Annecy, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse. In these areas, the air quality certificate is mandatory.

To know all the areas concerned, visit this site:

If you drive in restricted traffic areas without a Crit'Air sticker, you are liable to a fine of € 68.

How to get a Crit'Air sticker?

Make a written request (to the air quality certificate issuing service) or use the online service set up by the Ministry of the Environment. During these procedures, the registration certificate (registration certificate) and / or the date of entry into service will be required to define the classification of the vehicle.

The air quality certificate costs €3.70, plus the shipping costs. The latter being sent to the home of the car owner, so for Canadians in Canada, the invoice received by e-mail will be valid in the event of a police check.

If you travel in another countries, it is your responsibility to check the restricted traffic areas and to comply with the regulations of the country you visited.

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