Renault buy back (Renault leasing) in Europe. A clear commitment!

Your new Renault for your holidays in Europe!


Choosing Renault Eurodrive (Renault buy back or Renault leasing) is acquiring the commitment of a whole team and a precise offer. Before your departure, what you pay for exactly matches the service that awaits you in Europe! No bad surprises when you arrive: no additional taxes or fees! You only pay for the time you use your new Renault. Renault Eurodrive has thought of everything for you, so that your holidays are always enjoyable:

     A brand new Renault (current year) that you have chosen. The motorization (diesel or gasoline), the transmission (automatic or manual), and the equipment level are guaranteed at delivery;

     Deductible-free comprehensive insurance; legal liability, people transported, collision damage, theft, fire, flat tires, input of wrong fuel, lost of keys/cards, broken glass (windshield, rear view mirrors, windows), legal assistance (defense and recourse);

     Roadside assistance, 24/7, including substitution services and, in the event of personal injury, medical assistance to persons;

     Unlimited mileage;

     No geographical restriction in 42 countries;

     Tax-free:  no local taxes, no airport taxes, no daily taxes.

                                                   And more!

+ Guarantee rates

+ 15 liters of fuel offered upon delivery 

+ No Security deposit

+ No obligation to fill the tank before returning the vehicle

To find out more, download our  Renault Canada travell booklet.

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