Renault buy back (Renault leasing) in Europe. Authorized countries.

Your new Renault for your holidays in Europe!


Choosing Renault Eurodrive (Renault leasing) allows you to travel in the following 42 countries in complete tranquility, without any geographical restriction

 Andorra  Metropolitan France  Lithuania  San Marino
 Austria  Germany  Luxemburg  Serbia
 Belgium  Gibraltar  Macedonia  Slovakia
 Bosnia-Herzegovina  Great-Britain  Malta  Slovenia
 Bulgaria  Greece  Monaco  Spain
 Croatia  Hungary  Montenegro  Sweden
 Cyprus  Iceland  Netherlands  Switzerland
 Czech Republic  Ireland  Norway  Turkey
 Denmark  Italy  Poland  Vatican
 Estonia  Latvia  Portugal  
 Finland  Liechtenstein  Romania  

 Also authorized: the Balearic & Canary islands (Spain), Corsica (France), Sardinia & Sicily (Italy), Madeira & the Azores (Portugal).

Any client who travels in a country not mentioned in the geographical coverage list will assume full responsibility for any civil, material or criminal incident arising during his journey.


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