Renault buy back (Renault leasing) in Europe.Your insurance contract.

Your new Renault for your holidays in Europe!

The warranties included in your automobile insurance contract ensure you peace of mind. However, they do not free you from your obligation to make sure than any possible damage is avoided and that their consequences are reduced to a minimum. Renault Canada informs you of the regulations to observe during your trip.

The insured vehicle is the one indicated on the international insurance card (green card). Use of the reserved vehicle is for the user's needs, and not for transport of any people or goods for a fee, even occasionally.

The event of a claim, you must provide supporting documents
 The details are also included in the Renault Eurodrive travel booklet given to each customer before the departure for Europe.

N.B: refund waiting period may vary according to the season and to the type of claim.


1 – Damage to third parties


1a – Civil liability

The insurer covers any damage caused to third parties (passengers, property or people outside the vehicle) by the vehicle on and off the road.

Limits on amounts insured:

-       Bodily injury: no limits

-       Property damage: 100 000 000€

-       Property damage by fire or explosion: 10 000 000€ per claim

-       Property damage by accidental environmental impairment suffered by a third party: 10 000 000€ per claim

-       Material damage to the aircraft: 1 120 000€ per claim


1b – Deference – recovery and advance payment on recovery

Deference: the insurer defends the policy holder’s financial interests in compliance with provisions relation to the payment of claims, as set out in chapter VII of the General Terms and Conditions.

Recovery: this guarantee permits the recovery of compensation for any harm caused as part of an accident involving the insured vehicle, on an amicable basis and on behalf of the policy holder’s

The insurer covers all the fees and expenses incurred by surveys and expert reports for an amount of up to 10 000€ per event.

Advance payment on recovery: this guarantee provides the owner of the insured vehicle with advance payment of the compensation to which he is entitled following the damage caused to his vehicle by a vehicle belonging to an identified third party, registered in France and with valid insurance in France, and whose liability has been established.

By vehicle, 20 000€ without exceeding 80% of the value assessment conducted by an expert prior to the claim


1c – Legal protection

Cover granted per event for an amount of up to 3 050€

2 – Damage to the vehicle


2a – Accidental damage/vandalism

The insurer covers the direct material damage resulting from the following events:

Collision of the insured vehicle with one or more other vehicles

Impact of the insured vehicle with a fixed or moving object

Overturning of the insured vehicle without prior collision

Partial damage or total loss in the event of overland shipment of the insured vehicle

Total loss in the event of transport of the insured vehicle by air or by sea

Acts of vandalism

Acts of nature, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, floods, typhoons, tornados, falling stones or snow, avalanches, impact of hailstones

Cover is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim.

Exclusions: punctured tires, damage arising from faulty maintenance, vehicle wear or accessories falling off, partial damage arising from shipment by sea or by air, damage or failures covered by the manufacturer’s warranty


2b – Fire/explosion/attack/storm

Coverage includes direct damage caused by fire, an explosion (even after an attack), lightning or storms

Cover is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim


2c – Theft/attempted theft

Coverage includes direct damage caused by the theft or attempted theft of the insured vehicle.

Cover is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim


2d – Luggage

The insurer reimburses the value of the clothes, personal effects and objects inside the car and belonging to the occupants, for an amount of up to 800€ on presentation of the original bills, registration of a complaint and/or an accident report.

Coverage excludes cash, banks assets, stocks and shares, valuable objects, jewels, furs, electronic appliances and computers.

Original invoices and the report made to the police must be produced to obtain a refund of fair market residual value of the personal belongings of the vehicle's occupants.


2e – Glass breakage

Coverage includes the breakage, for any reason, of parts made of glass, plate glass or organic glass (windscreen, rear window, side windows, door windows, lights, sun roof)

Coverage is granted for the total cost of repair


2f – Natural disasters

In accordance with articles L 125-1 and L 125-2 of the Insurance Code, this guarantee applies to damage caused by the abnormal intensity of a natural force.

This guarantee becomes effective only after publication of an inter-ministerial decree describing the event as a natural disaster – Area covered: Metropolitan France

Legal excess applies.

3 – Bodily injury to passengers


3a – Individual, family and passengers

Coverage includes all persons carried free of charge or driving the insured vehicle with the authorization of the owner or policy holder

Total compensation: medical expenses of up to 5 000€ per person injured; 38 000€ in the event of total permanent disablement; 16 000€ in the event of death.

Note: this guarantee supplements the compensation payable under ordinary law. Persons aged over 70 do not benefit of this guarantee. 

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