Renault buy back (Renault leasing) in Europe - What you need to know?

* As soon as you are 18 years old and hold a valid driver's license, you choose your new Renault car for your trip in Europe. The Renault Eurodrive contract can be for up to 175 days (France and Geneva French side), 165 days (somewhere else in Europe except London), 155 days (London) for a tourist and 355 days maximum in the event of studies, a training course, a mission or a secondment. You only pay for the time you use your Renault.

* You are personally greeted by the Renault Eurodrive reception agents at the delivery and return centers. Don't forget the copy of your contract; you will need to present it in order to take delivery of your car.

* The new Renault vehicle is registered in the name of the contract holder, the main driver. His/her spouse, direct ascendants and descendants can drive the vehicle alone. Any occasional driver is authorized to drive in the presence of the buy back Renault (Renault leasing) contract holder .

* The car is delivered to you with 15 litres of complimentary fuel. You are not required to fill the tank before you return the vehicle. You benefit from Renault's manufacturer contractual warranty throughout your trip.

* You travel with complete serenity throughout the 42 authorized countries. Renault Eurodrive thinks of everything for you: a “turn-key” formula and a deductible-free comprehensive insurance are included so that you may fully enjoy your stay.

* Remember that in the event of a breakdown or an accident, theft, ..., the Renault Eurodrive Assistance road assistance will be of invaluable help to you.

For further information: contact us.

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