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our sustainability and eco-responsability initiative

Travel helps us to broaden our understanding of the world around us and the diversity of people who inhabit the Earth. But travel is not without impact on the environment. Recognizing this impact, Renault Canada has implemented this new initiative in partnership with Tree Canada.


For every car rented, We will plant a tree for you

Trees are the lungs of the Earth. They capture CO2 and thanks to the process of photosynthesis, produce a large quantity of oxygen. Human encroachment has gradually reduced forest cover around the globe, a contributing factor of climate change. 

That’s why Renault Canada has implemented this sustainability initiative in order to offset part of their customers’ greenhouse emissions by planting trees and inviting their customers to do the same.

Each tree planted will help offset the emissions generated by a 500 km car trip.

Tree Canada is the only national non-profit organization that plants and nurtures trees in rural and urban environments.

Through their programs, research and educational efforts, they have helped restore tree cover in areas hit by natural disasters, guided communities in managing their urban forests, helped green 660 schoolyards and organized annual urban forest conferences. 

To date, with our community partners and sponsors, we have planted more than 82 million trees.

Sustainable choices for an eco-responsible vacation

The concept of sustainable and ecofriendly tourism has been gaining ground recently around the world. Because of this, travelers who wish to reduce their environmental impact are changing their behaviour, adopting more responsible and sustainable practices.

This renewed vision of tourism takes the form of more authentic travel, visiting destinations that are closer to local cultures and people. Doing so allows us to discover the rich diversity of local culture, their heritage and history, and their day-to-day lives. It also helps stimulate the economy by visiting local markets, wineries, inns and attractions that provide a more authentic local flavor.

Traveling by car gives you the freedom to discover a destination at your own pace. But we all know that it is a source of emissions. 

Calculate your carbon footprint

Our day-to-day activities inevitably produce greenhouse gas emissions including CO2. And vacation travel is no exception. Naturally, we would be tempted to point the finger to automotive travel as the main culprit, but our attention should actually focus on air travel.

​​​​​​Did you know that a round trip flight for two between Montreal and Paris for example, can generate 4,8840 kg of CO2? Whereas a 2500 km trip by car produces ten times less. So, should we stop traveling altogether? Quite the opposite! Tourism plays a vital role contributing to the economic prosperity of most countries, including our own. But we can reduce our impact by offsetting our carbon emissions by planting trees.

Find out how many by calculating your carbon footprint with this handy CO2 calculator on the Tree Canada website. 

Few tips for greentravel

Enjoy Slow travel

Slow travel means taking time to really discover your destination. Stay longer and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle.

Support sustainable attractions

In particular, you’ll want to avoid attractions that exploit animals. When visiting nature sites, look but don’t touch. And don’t bring back natural souvenirs like sand, stones or seashells.

Choose eco-friendly lodging

Limit your water consumption. Hang your towels to dry instead of getting fresh ones. Leave the do-not-disturb sign on your door throughout your stay to avoid needless housekeeping and cleaning products.

Turn off the lights when you leave

In most countries, electricity is produced with thermal energy plants that burn coal, oil, etc.

Promote active mobility

Whenever possible, while at your destination, walk or bike to get around. Your heart and your planet will thank you.

Be respectful of local customs

Sustainable travelers don’t just respect the environment. They’re also respectful of local customs and traditions. Be sure to read up on your destination before you leave to avoid any faux pas.

Don’t print your travel documents

Just download them on your smartphone (and don’t forget your charger).  

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