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COVID-19 – We’re here to help

Dear customers,

Given the global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on travelers in particular, you understandably have many questions and concerns.

Our commitment to helping you remains a key priority, particularly in the current environment. Please rest assured that our employees have been mobilized to assist all our travelers. However, since our call volume is very high, we need you to help us help you.

As you’re no doubt aware, as of March 16, the Legault government has imposed a 14-day self-isolation period for all individuals who travel outside the country, regardless of the destination. Many countries have already closed their borders or are about to do so.

For this reason, in cooperation with our automotive manufacturing partners Renault & Dacia, we are announcing special measures designed to reduce the impact of the situation on our customers and their travel plans to Europe.

Conditions in force for any new reservation from December 1st, 2020.

Renault & Dacia short-term leasing

Alteration policy

  • Modification free of charge subject to acceptance by Renault Eurodrive according to the delays and the availability of the cars.

Cancellation policy 

  • 1 day or more prior to the delivery date:
    • Choice #1 - $250 administration fees from Renault Canada will apply and the balance of the paid amount will be refunded.
    • Choice #2 - No admnistration fees from Renault Canada will apply and a credit equivalent to the paid amount will be carried over to a new reservation for an indefinite period. Credit will be issues in the name of the original driver.
  • The day of delivery or no-show: no refund

In addition to this enhanced flexibility

We recommend that you stay well informed about the situation at your travel destination. The Canadian Government has created a web page that monitors and reports the conditions for each country. It issues a travel advisory as to the risk to travelers who visit foreign destinations.

Another web page has also been created to provide COVID-19 safety tips to travelers.

Keep abreast of your air carriers’ safety measures

Virtually every airline has issued statements regarding enhanced safety measures designed to fight the spread of the virus. If you already purchased your airline tickets, we recommend that you consult the measures put in place by the airlines before you change your travel plans.

Air Canada: 

Air France: 

Air Transat:



Brussels Airlines:  

Travel advisories from major hotel chains

Most hotel chains have also relaxed their change and cancellation policies. Visit their website for all the appropriate details:


Accor Hotels: 


Sanitary measures to reduce transmission risks

We can’t emphasis enough the importance taking appropriate measures to avoid propagation:

The WHO has also issued a series of recommendations to help people stay healthy: 

People with health issues should not travel

All the experts agree: People at risk should not travel to Europe at this time. Anyone 60 years and older is at risk. So are individuals with health issues such as respiratory illnesses, diabetes, hypertension, regardless of their age.

We recommend that these individuals not travel to Europe at this time and change their travel plans accordingly.

If you still choose to travel

Sometimes our personal or professional obligations require us to travel. In such a case, we recommend that you take appropriate precautions:

The advantages of a brand-new car

When you make the smart choice of a brand-new Renault & Dacia short-term lease, you enjoy the follow benefits.

If you have any questions…

We’re here to help. To speak with an agent, contact us at 1 800 361-2411

  • Fees of $500 in the vehicle is not registered at your name;
  • Fees of $1,400 if the vehicle is registered at your name. A credit of $600 be granted on your next car leasing contract until December 31, 2021.
  • No show: no refund.
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water. Or use a disinfectant gel that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol – or both;
  • Don’t shake hand and give hugs – elbow bumps or toe taps are preferred;
  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow or a tissue, which you should dispose of immediately;
  • Keep at least 1-meter distance between you and anyone else;
  • Clean surfaces regularly with a disinfectant wipe (including airplane tray tables, hand rests, etc.).
  • Take out a travel insurance policy that includes full medical coverage as well as cancellation, interruption and travel delay;
  • Bring enough prescription medication to allow for unforeseen delays;
  • Bring a quantity of disinfectant wipes to adequately clean surfaces in public places and even in your hotel room;
  • If you can find it, bring along an alcohol-based disinfectant gel in your luggage.
  • You’ll enjoy the advantages of a brand-new, factory-fresh car, driven for the first time;
  • You’ll avoid crowds and mass transit;
  • You’ll be free to move about as you please, adapting your plans on the fly;
  • You’ll have the freedom to explore quaint villages, lush vineyards and beautiful countryside, far from the congestion of major urban centres.
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