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Car buy-back: experience Europe like never before

Guarantee the availability of the model that's right for you at the best price and take advantage of the best conditions, with no cancellation or modification fees beyond 30 days before your vehicle's delivery date.

Since 1960, more than 145,125 drivers have trusted us. More than 98% of satisfied clients recommend the TT Eurodrive buy-back program!

Are you considering renting a car for your multiweek trip to Europe? With Renault's new car buy-back program, it is the passport to peace of mind behind the wheel.


Drive a new car that belongs to you

Wander through large cities, small villages and communities little-known to tourists while behind the wheel of your brand new Renault vehicle. The car just came off the line, you are its very first driver. This also means that you are protected by the Renault manufacturer's warranty.

Travel without geographical limitations

Whether you plan to visit 5 specific countries or you are embarking on an adventure of stopping where you feel like stopping, you can move freely from one country to the next without being denied access. It is your car, you do what you want! Travel freely among 32 European countries thanks to unrestricted geographical coverage. What's more - mileage is unlimited!

Pass the wheel to your co-pilot

You're not travelling alone? Why not take advantage of the scenery! Pass the wheel and take a little time to admire the views. Unlike car rentals, there is no additional fee for extra authorized drivers, as long as they respond to the conditions, are over 18 and hold a valid driver's licence. There is no maximum age. After all, it's your vehicle!

In and out in no time

The flight was long, you waited for your luggage and have endured interminable verification and security checkpoints. Once through customs, we will take charge from here. When you take ownership of your vehicle there are no documents to fill out, no fees and no tax to pay. Arrive, get the keys and head out on your adventure. In addition, you already have 10 litres of fuel!

Return your car wherever your journey ends

If you do not wish to retrace your steps, you don't have to: return your vehicle in a different city than where you arrived. In other words, you can take possession of your new car in Germany and return it to a return centre in Italy, if that is where your vacation ends. Taking possession of your vehicle in one country and returning it to a centre in a different country is done quickly and at low cost.

You are covered wherever you go

Accidents and fender-benders can happen quickly. Enjoy worry-free driving! Your multi-risk insurance covers personal injury and property damage. What's more, roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you a newbie to the buy-back process?

Learn all you need to know about the reservation process, insurance in case of accident or theft, your contract and all other details related to our all-inclusive program.

Would you like to try our vehicles?

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