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Car rental in Italy with the buy-back option

Italy! Sicily! Who doesn't dream about them? Whether on your first European vacation or back for a countless time in this magnificent country, the best way to take full advantage is aboard your own brand new car. The buy-back program in Italy is an all-inclusive formula for your vacation. All that's left is choosing your vehicle. Are you hesitating among several models? Here is a little guide to help you decide.

France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany... you want to see them all? With your long-term buy-back vehicle, borders are essentially abolished! Travel through 31 European countries. Would you like to stay longer? Extend the duration of your contract.


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Currency:€ (euro)
Official language:Italian
Population:60 483 973
Area total: 301 336 km²
President: Sergio Mattarella
Prime minister:Giorgia Meloni
Anthem:Fratelli d'Italia
National day:June 2 
Largest cities: Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Palermo


Find out more about this destination by visiting the website of the official Italian tourism office!

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