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BelgiumRenting cars in Brussels

The Brussels delivery center is closed from October 1st, 2018. 
Contact us, we have a alternative solution for you!

With the buy-back formula in Brussels, mileage is unlimited and there are no restrictions. You can go places where public transport can't. Your delivery and return centre is located directly at the airport. Upon arrival, take possession of your rental car and explore Brussels and the surrounding area!

In need of inspiration?

Where to start! With your long-term rental vehicle in Brussels, shopping, excursions, museums and restaurants are yours for the taking. If this is your first visit, you cannot be in Brussels without stopping by the Grand-Place, the Laeken Royal Palace, St. Michael's Cathedral, the Art Nouveau district, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Cantillon brewery and the Atomium for a panoramic view of the city.

Maximize your Renault buy-back vehicle by heading to Bruges, a city registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you prefer to go east, Liège is also a promising city for tourists. On the menu: architecture, activities and great food.

Sharing borders with the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg, you will never be bored during your vacation. Aboard your buy-back vehicle, if you would like to cross the English Channel and visit England, no one will stop you!

A word of advice: As with most touristic cities, it is preferable to visit popular sites on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds.

Here are a few other nearby places that may interest you:

  • European Parliament & European Commission
  • City Hall
  • Musical Instruments Museum
  • Sonian Forest
  • Bois de la Cambre
  • Royal Galleries
  • Royal Museum of the Armed Forces & Military History
  • Jubelpark
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