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Delivery and return - New rental car

Have you chosen to rent a car for your European trip? Don't forget to confirm your flight or train number with us, as well as the date and time of your arrival. In case of changes, be sure to notify your delivery centre. If you do not know the flight or train number, contact the centre at least 3 days prior to the date to fix an appointment.

Delivery of the vehicle

The delivery will take place on the day scheduled on your purchase order. Read the guide book that you received prior to departure. It contains all the necessary information concerning the delivery and return of your vehicle.

To take possession of your vehicle, please provide the following documents:

  • Your passport;
  • Your Renault Eurodrive purchase order;
  • A proxy if a third-party benefiting from the Renault Eurodrive buy-back program is taking possession of the vehicle. Only the spouse or immediate family members may leave with or drive the vehicle, under the condition that they provide a document proving that their relative authorized them to benefit from the Renault Eurodrive buy-back program.


  • The driver must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver's license that is accepted in the visited country.

Car delivery procedure:

  • When your flight or train arrives, the delivery agent will wait up to 1 hour following the actual time of arrival;
  • With an appointment, the delivery agent will wait a maximum of 30 minutes following the scheduled time. In case of delay, please inform the delivery centre.

The Renault Eurodrive delivery agent will provide you with the following documents:

  • vehicle registration (grey card);
  • insurance certificate;
  • assistance/insurance booklet;
  • European accident report form with explanatory note;
  • warranty booklet, user's manual and basic instructions;
  • 2 vehicle keys or start cards;
  • safety kit (fluorescent vest & warning cone).

Vehicle return

A minimum of 3 days prior to returning your vehicle, contact the centre to schedule an appointment. Your agent will wait a maximum of 30 minutes following the fixed time. In case of a delay or appointment change, inform your vehicle return centre. If you return your vehicle later than the date scheduled on your contract, you will be billed according to Renault Eurodrive's extended use rates.


  • For delivery in Lisbon and Porto, it's imperative that customers call the centers at the following telephone numbers to get the information, procedures, and return formalities: Porto: +351 299 966 427 Lisbon: +351 218 462 797

You must return the following items:

  • 2 vehicle keys or start cards;
  • registration (grey card);
  • warranty booklets & user's manuals;
  • European accident report form duly completed in the case of an accident;
  • safety kit (fluorescent vest & warning cone).

We will provide you with a liability discharge with proof of vehicle return.

Any missing items or documents missing at the moment of vehicle return will be billed after the transaction. A vehicle returned to an unauthorized centre or not returned to a Renault Eurodrive agent directly will be considered abandoned, and you will be charged additional fees.

For any return of the car to a center not approved by Renault Eurodrive :

  • In the same city as initially planned : the customer will have to pay the costs of transportation and other related charges such as parking and storage.
  • In a different city in France than the one initially planned : $CAD 700.
  • In a different city outside of France than the one initially planned : $CAD 1000.


  • Renault is not responsible for personal objects forgotten in a returned vehicle. All vehicles that are returned dirty (animal fur, sand, mud, stained seats, trash left in vehicle, etc.) will be cleaned completely and you will be billed €80.

Early vehicle return

You may receive a reimbursement for unused days, deducted from a 10-day package. A minimum of 21 days will be invoiced. For more information, please contact us.

Check out the list of Delivery & Return Centres in Europe.

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