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With your buy-back car rental from Vigo, you can go where the tourist guides leave off. Start with Vigo Bay, the sunniest area in all of Galicia. The Cíes Islands are an absolute must see! Take the ferry and enjoy the beaches of Rodas, Figueiras or Nosa Señora. With our buy-back formula, your vehicle is completely covered by insurance even during ferry travel. If you like the beach, but not the ferry, Samil Beach is easily accessible. Be sure to stay for the sunset! Toralla Island is tiny - there are only about 30 known inhabitants - and is home to the Toralla public beach.

About 40 km from the delivery centre, Costa de Vela is waiting with its cliffs, lighthouses such as Cabo Home, Punta Subrido and Punta Robeleira as well as its quiet beaches. If you would rather stay downtown, visit the Pedra market, Santa Maria's Church, Monte del Castro Park, the Galicia Maritime Museum and, if you love oysters, Ostras Street.

Peneda-Gerês National Park on the Portugal border is approximately 75 km from Vigo, but you will not be disappointed by this discovery. Start by visiting Castro Laboreiro for landscapes that will make this escapade to the south-west absolutely unforgettable. Now, you are only about 100 km from Porto! With your buy-back rental vehicle, get out of Vigo and become a seasoned conquistador!

Here are a few other nearby places that may interest you:

  • Playa del Vao
  • Contemporary Art Museum
  • Progreso market
  • Vigo paintball
  • Martitime station & promenade
  • Zamanes market
  • Casco Vello Vigo
  • Monte dos Ponzos Park
  • Verbum Museum
  • Centro Principe
  • Quiñones de León gardens
  • Archeological centre
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