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Renault accessories & options


The line of Renault vehicle offers as accessories, the child safety seats and snow tires. As the option, you can buy the fuel filling. All accessories purchased by the client are thus theirs to keep at the end of the contract. In no case will TT Eurodrive buy back equipment that was purchased. 

Child safety seats

In Europe, the use of a child restraint system adapted to children's size and weight is required for kids under 10 years of age:

  • approved seat up to age 7;
  • a booster for ages 7-10.

Especially selected by TT Eurodrive, these child safety seats meet the most stringent requirements in terms of safety and current regulations.

Seat choice is solely the client's responsibility.

Seats must be ordered at the time of vehicle reservation.

Upon your arrival, the seat will already be installed by our Renault agents.

Four types of seats are offered

Base for shell BABY SAFE2 Fix i-Size Shell BABY SAFE2 i-SizeTRI FIX2 i-Size with anchoringKIDFIX XP with anchoring

(0 to 15 months)

(up to 13 kg)

(0 to 15 months)

(up to 13kg)

(15 months to 4 years)

(from 9 to 22 kg)

(4 to 12 years)

(from 15 to 36 kg)

$435 CAD$480 CAD$725 CAD$580 CAD
Base for Baby Safe with Isofix anchoring system. 

Rear-facing baby seat must be fixed into the base Baby Safe Fix I-Size (sold separately).

Front-facing child safety for rear seat placement; Isofix anchoring system

Front-facing booster seat with Isofix anchoring system.


  • You may also bring your child safety seats with you;
  • Or choose to purchase them upon arrival in Europe.

Snow tires and snow socks

Winter tires are only available for pick-up and return in Lyon or for pick-up and return in Geneva. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Renault offers 1 model equipped with M&S (Mud and Snow) tires:

  • Dacia Duster 4X4
Renault modelSnow tiresSnow socks
Dacia Sandero $1015 CAD$510 CAD
Dacia Duster$1015 CAD$510 CAD
Clio $1450 CAD$510 CAD
Captur$1450 CAD$510 CAD
Arkana$1450 CAD$510 CAD
Austral$1450 CAD$580 CAD
Kangoo $1015 CAD$510 CAD
Dacia Jogger$1015 CAD$510 CAD
Koléos$1740 CAD$510 CAD


Renault has thought of everything to facilitate your arrival in Europe.

The ‘Full peace of mind’ option allows you to take to the road with a full tank of fuel as soon as you arrive.

Full peace of mind (fuel filling)

Renault modelRate
Dacia Sandero$160 CAD
Dacia Duster$160 CAD
Clio $160 CAD
Captur$160 CAD
Arkana$160 CAD
Austral$160 CAD
Kangoo $160 CAD
Dacia Jogger$160 CAD
Koléos$160 CAD

Important : Preperchasing the full tank option or not, upon return, you don't have to worry about filling it up: it's one of the major advantages of the Renault buy-back program!

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Updated on October 28, 2022
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