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Buy-back program and Renault quality

Since 1960, more than 134,250 drivers have trusted us!
More than 97% of satisfied clients recommend our buy-back program!

What fun it is to hop into a brand-new car! The smell... the cleanness... the latest technology... but the best part is that it's yours! With the TT Eurodrive buy-back program, you are the very first driver of your own brand-new car in Europe. What a great way to start your vacation!

Renault quality

Driving should be fun, that's for sure, but it should also be safe. The Renault Group thought of everything:

  • Tire pressure surveillance system;
  • Cruise control;
  • ABS & emergency braking assist;
  • Hill-hold uphill starting assist;
  • ESP dynamic trajectory control;
  • Structural failure control (in case of accident);
  • Pretensioners, retractable seat belts, controlled-vent airbags;
  • Deadlocking;
  • ISOFIX child safety seat anchoring.

Did you know?

Every year, the Renault Group reserves more than 10% of its budget to safety, both in research and development. The company is also among the 100 most innovative organizations in the world!

Renault's line of eco-cars

The signature Renault Eco² is the line of ecological and economical vehicles offering many advantages, such as:

  • Reduced water & energy consumption;
  • Waste, atmospheric & noise emission reduction;
  • Less than 140 g of CO²/km;
  • Compatible with biofuels (vegetal energy source);
  • Made of at least 5% recycled plastic;
  • Designed so that 95% of its weight can have a second life.

Renault in numbers

  • 45 models, 3 brands: Renault, Dacia & Renault Samsung Motors;
  • 4 100% electric vehicles;
  • 2,801,592 vehicles sold in 125 countries in 2015;
  • More than 10% of the European market;
  • 1898: the company Renault Frères was founded;
  • 5,000 employees dedicated to quality: design, sales, engineering, etc;
  • 20 million kilometres of testing every year.

Above all, Renault's story is one of customer love and satisfaction based on quality, reliability, aesthetic design and customer service that are at the heart of our priorities as a world-renowned auto manufacturer.

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