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FranceRenting cars in Bordeaux

Your Renault Eurodrive delivery & return centre is only 3 km from the airport, leaving you the time to enjoy your first or last moments with your Bordeaux rental car. Why not take the wine route with your vehicle? Be the master of your own itinerary!

In need of inspiration?

Visit the Bordeaux region with your brand-new vehicle and take full advantage of the buy-back formula in Bordeaux. If you enjoy discovering wines, Bordeaux offers 6 popular routes. The Cité du Vin might interest you: This building combines impressive architecture, green spaces, wine tastings and visual arts. It is 19 km from the delivery centre.

If you are a history and technology buff, be sure to try the Imayana Experience (12 km from the delivery centre) and discover XVIII century Bordeaux thanks to Augmented Reality (AR)! The kids will love it, too! This tool superimposes elements of the past with your daily life. See monuments that no longer exist and heroes from another era come back to life. A great interactive experience!

For more classical visits, there is the Place de la Bourse (Place Royale), located in the city centre. Young and old alike will love the Miroir d'Eau (Water Mirror), a relaxing place that should not be overlooked by tourists or local Bordelais. To get the full picture, walk to the Grand Théâtre that is more than 300 years old. It is one of the world's most beautiful performance halls.

Still downtown, be sure to visit the Cailhau Door that dates back to 1494. 35 metres high, it is a true medieval jewel! The panorama will please the entire family. Stretch your legs in the St. Pierre District with its picturesque alleys. The Grosse Cloche is a monument that you must visit. Thanks to buy-back car rental in Bordeaux, you can go where you want whenever you want.

A word of advice: As with most touristic cities, it is preferable to visit popular sites on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds.

Here are a few other nearby places that may interest you:

  • Place de la Victoire
  • Place des Quinconces
  • Place du Parlement
  • Place du Palais Station
  • Basilica of St. Michael
  • St Andrew's Cathedral
  • Pey-Berland Tower
  • Quai Bacalan
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