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Auto insurance in Europe

During your European vacation, your new vehicle TT Eurodrive buy-back contract includes multi-risk insurance with zero deductible. Your coverage extends to 38 European countries and you benefit from assistance 24/7. Flat tires, lost keys and fuel reversal are covered.

TT Eurodrive auto insurance conditions in Europe

1 - Third-party damages

1a – Liability insurance

Covers the civil liability of the insured party in accordance to the article L211-1 of the French Insurance Code. The insurer covers damages caused to third parties (passengers, property or persons outside the vehicle) by the vehicle when in motion or stationary. 

Limits on amounts insured:

  • Bodily damage: unrestricted
  • Material loss: €100,000,000
  • Material loss through fire or explosion: €10,000,000 per claim
  • Third-party material loss by accidental environmental impairment suffered by a third party: €10,000,000 per claim
  • Third-party material loss in an airport zone: €1,120,000 per claim

1b- Deference – recovery & advance payment on recovery

Deference: Whenever the responsibility of the insured person can be sought, the insurer shall cover the costs relative to the protection of his financial interests in accordance with the clauses B-1 of chapter VII of the General Conditions..

Recourse: This guarantee permits the recovery of compensation for any harm caused as part of an accident involving the insured vehicle on an amicable basis and on behalf of the policy holders. The insurer covers all fees and expenses incurred by inquiries and expert reports for an amount up to €10,000 per event.

Advance payment on recovery: This guarantee provides the owner of the insured vehicle with a 20.000 Euros maximum advance payment of the compensation to which he/she is entitled, as a result of the damage caused to the vehicle provided this damage has been caused by a vehicle belonging to an identified third party, registered in France, with valid insurance in France and whose liability is established.   

1c- Legal protection

Guarantee per incident according to the clauses of the Legal Protection Annex XAUT 315 12/08..

2 - Vehicle damage

2a- Accidental damage/vandalism

The insurer covers direct material damage resulting from the following events:

  • Collision of the insured vehicle with one or more vehicles
  • Impact of the insured vehicle with a fixed or moving object
  • Overturning of the insured vehicle without prior collision
  • Partial damage or total loss in the event of overland shipment of the insured vehicle
  • Total loss in the event of transport of the insured vehicle by air or by sea
  • Acts of vandalism
  • Acts of nature, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, floods, typhoons, tornadoes, falling stones or snow, avalanches or hailstone impact

Coverage is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim.

Exclusions: punctures tires, damage caused by poor maintenance, wear to the vehicle or falling accessories; partial damage during transportation by sea or air; damages or breakdowns covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (see the Warranty Book).

2b- Fire/explosion/attack/storms

Direct damage caused by fire, explosions (including terrorist attacks), lightning and storms are covered. The guarantee covers without excess the value of the insured vehicle established by an assessor on the day of the incident (see Chapter VII of the General Conditions).

2c- Theft/attempted theft

Coverage includes direct damage caused by the theft or attempted theft of the insured vehicle.

Coverage is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim.

2d – Glass breakage

Coverage includes the breakage, for any reason, of all glass parts, plate glass or organic glass (windshield, rear window, side windows, door windows, lights, sun roof).

Coverage is granted for the total cost of repair.

2e- Natural disasters

In accordance with articles L 125-1 and L125-2 of the French Insurance Code, this guarantee applies to damage caused essentially by abnormally violent natural phenomena.This guarantee is conditional on the publication of an interministerial notice in the Official Journal of the French Republic decreeing a state of natural disaster. Geographical scope: mainland France and Corsica. Application of a legal excess (€380 per vehicle from 01 / 01 / 2010)

3 - Bodily injury to passengers

3a- Individual, family and passengers

Coverage includes all persons carried free of charge or driving the insured vehicle with the authorization of the owner or policy holder. Total compensation: medical expenses of up to €5,000 per person injured; benefit of €38,000 for total permanent disability, benefit of €16,000 in the event of death.

Note: This compensation is paid in addition to any indemnities that may be paid under common law. Persons aged over 70 do benefit of this guarantee.

You are not covered if...

  • You drive in Albania, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Kosovo, in the Turkish section of Cyprus or in other non authorized countries.
  • You continue to drive the vehicle after your insurance certificate's date of validity.

Important: Never leave a back-up key or grey card in your parked vehicle.

Replacement vehicle following an accident or robbery

If you rent a replacement vehicle during your trip, do not accept complementary insurance. Eurodrive's insurance conditions cover rental vehicles. In such a case, return your rental car with a full tank directly to the rental company and not to a Eurodrive return centre.

What to do in case of an accident, breakdown, vehicle theft or other incident?

Roadside assistance is always available.

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