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24/7 roadside assistance for your European vacation

Drive your new car in peace across Europe thanks to 24/7 roadside assistance. In case of a breakdown or an accident, you are in good hands. This assistance is based on the Renault's network of 10,100 points of sale and covers 38 European countries.

The most important number to carry with you

Keep this number in your wallet at all times: +33 (0)1 84 95 96 97.

In case of accident, fire, vandalism, theft or attempted theft

  1. Call +33 (0)1 84 95 96 97 for technical or material assistance
  2. Fill out a European accident report
  3. Report the incident to the police (if necessary)
  4. Send your report by e-mail within 24 hours to:
  5. Send the original documents to GRAS Savoye

In the event of an incident (accident, theft, attempted theft or breakdown) you may select one of the following options : 

  • TT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE will provide you, for a maximum of 21 days in France and 30 days abroad, with a hire vehicle equivalent at the most to the category of the vehicle which is off the road, subject to local availability. The hire vehicle can be dropped off in another agency. The hire term is limited to the number of days remaining in the TT EURODRIVE agreement you will pay for any amount over and above this during as well as fuel costs and other costs (tolls, parking). 
  • If you wish to remain on the spot, TT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE will contribute to your hotel expenses up to €65 per night and per beneficiary. The number of days is limited to 10 days. You will be required to pay for any bar, restaurant and telephone costs as well as any incidental costs. This benefit cannot be combined with the benefit mentioned (mobility solution) in the previous section.

Vehicle theft

Contact the local police and your insurer. This will cancel your liability for the vehicle and you will not be held responsible if it is involved in an accident or found damaged.

Damage to the rental vehicle

In case of a collision with another driver, take down the identification information (name, address, registration, insurance company and vehicle details). Note witness' coordinates and details about the accident. Take photos. Contact local authorities so they can issue a report and be sure to obtain a copy. No matter where you are in the world, contact your insurer as soon as possible.

Dummy light shows up on the dashboard

Stop your vehicle and contact immediate assistance.

Our recommendations

Never leave valuable objects visible inside the vehicle and always bring your keys, passport and important documents containing your personal information with you. Never give your keys to strangers (valets, parking attendants, etc.) and avoid leaving the car running without surveillance, even for just a few minutes.

Never leave the car’s registration certificate in the vehicle, nor in the garage. If you lose it or don’t give it back, you will have to pay 500 euros.

When you exit the vehicle, lock the doors and use all means of protection possible to avoid a potentially risky situation. We advise you to always choose safe parking areas that are guarded and well-lit.

For more details, consult your TT Eurodrive guide book that you received before leaving for Europe. And don't forget your travel insurance!

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