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Tipping in Europe

When traveling to Europe, is it necessary to leave a tip as we usually do in Canada? In general, it is always a good idea to leave a small amount of money to waiters, hotel employees, guides, taxi driver, etc.

When should a tip be offered? What percentage should I give? Is it mandatory?

When planning a trip to Europe, it is normal to ask yourself these questions since we do not know the habits and customs of the countries visited.

To help you, here is a small summary of the use of tipping in European countries.

This chart is for information purposes only

CountryTipWhere, How much?Details
AustriaRequiredRestaurants and taxis: 10% of the billIt is customary to leave a tip. The exact amount of tip is announced to the server, before paying the final bill.
BelgiumAppreciatedService included but small tip appreciated 
BulgariaAppreciatedService included. 

You can leave some rooms in the restaurants if you are satisfied.

CroatiaRareService included (cafes, restaurants)

Leave a tip if you are satisfied.

Czech RepublicRecommendedRestaurants: 10-15% of the bill, taxis: round the bill

Do not leave the change on the table but communicate directly to the server the amount.

DenmarkVery rareTipping does not take place in Denmark 
EnglandRequiredRestaurants: 10 to 15% of the bill (sometimes added automatically)

Check if the tip is not already included in the bill.

FinlandNot mandatoryOnly for large restaurants or hotels 
FranceAppreciatedRestaurants, bars: 5 to 10% of the bill. Service is included in the bill, but if the service has been particularly neat, you can leave a tip to show your satisfaction.
GermanyRecommendedRestaurants, cafes, hotels (5 to 10% of the bill)

Never leave money on the table, indicate the amount of the tip when paying.

GreeceRecommendedRestaurants, Taxis

It is customary to round the note.

HungaryRecommendedRestaurants, bars, taxis: 10%

Be careful that he is not already included in the bill, do not leave money on the table but announce his tip.


But if you want to leave something, nobody will refuse it ...

ItalyRecommendedRestaurants, Taxis

Included in the note (coperto), but always welcome (10%).

NetherlandsAppreciatedIncluded in hotel bill, bar, taxi

10% for good service (waiters, taxis).

NorwayRareIncluded in the bill, but still appreciated

Leave 10% to reward a quality service.

PolandRecommendedRestaurants, bars: 10% of the bill

The service is not included in the bill.

PortugalAppreciatedRestaurants, bars: 5-10% of the bill

Appreciated in case of good service.

RomaniaRecommendedRestaurants: 10% of our bill 

Restaurants, bars: 10-15% of the bill

Not necessary in pubs where the order is done at the bar
SlovakiaRecommendedRestaurants: 10% of the bill 
SpainRecommendedRestaurants, bars: 10% of the bill

Service often included in the bill, but tip appreciated.


Taxis: 10% of the bill

Included in the bill at the restaurant, it is still good to round the bill.

SwitzerlandNot mandatoryRestaurants, bars: 5-10% of the bill

Leave a tip if you are happy

TurkeyRecommendedRecommended 10% bars, restaurants; round for taxis.

Not included in the bill


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